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Carousel of Creatures - Jujak

September 15, 2021 in Miscellaneous
Carousel of Creatures - Jujak
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Author Notes:

Jon Wed, September 15, 2021
We lengthen the suspense on our cliffhanger this week with the Darklings invading Leiko's Carousel of Creatures. We have Jin riding the Vermillion Bird, know as the Jujak in his ancestral home of Korea

Wiki link for the Jujak

You can buy coloring pages for all of Leiko's Carousel of Creatures from her Etsy Shop


MK_Wizard Wed, September 15, 2021
That is beautiful and if my son was older, I would buy the colouring book. I will keep note of it for the future.
BurnsLikeIce Thu, September 16, 2021
I'm pleased you like it.
I plan to bundled all the carousel coloring pages ("Gryphic Alphabet" series) into a single book download once I'm finished. It'll be a bit cheaper per page in book form. For now, the pages are available individually. Since it's a alphabet series of mythical gryphon-like creatures, you can teach letters as well as some very interesting beasties once your little one is old enough.